Saint Margaret's Thrift Shop

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Saint Margaret's Thrift Shop s Temporarily Closed to Shopping, Online Store & Donations
Our Thrift Shop Supports Saint Margaret’s
Church by providing the primary means of
generating financial resources for the Church’s
“Faith In Action” Outreach Ministry.
We accomplish our mission while acting as
responsible stewards through the donation and
recycling of donated items. It is critical to
performing the mission that we provide
fellowship and care to those we serve.

A Bellevue Icon since 1977. Our Mission is to promote recycling, reusing and re-purposing of donated goods. We reach out to Our Community with Loving, Helping Hands of our Volunteers. Our Shop funds Our Faith In Action ministry, Feeding One Soul at a Time The Thrift Shop is one of Our Outward and Visible Signs of Saint Margaret's commitment to minister to the larger community.

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Saint Margaret's Thrift Shop s Temporarily Closed to Shopping, Online Store & Donations

Dear Special Friends,
It is with great sadness that we announce the temporary closure of our doors, online shop and donations.

We especially want to thank Merri Day, our manager, for her steadfast loyalty to our mission. Merri has provided guidance to all with her ability to reimagine and respond to the changing needs of our guests. She has been compassionate to the needs of those who cross our threshold and she has been beloved by our volunteers for keeping us productive, even though at times it has been like herding cats. We give Merri all of our love and hope that she will rejoin us when we reopen.

Many of you know, we have endeavored to provide OUR LOYAL AND SPECIAL FRIENDS with continued operations of the Thrift Shop to meet your individual needs. We created a new interactive website to keep all of you informed. We started an online store to provide an opportunity for our special guests to stay engaged with the shop. We reopened our in-shop experience responding with Covid safety measures so we could ensure the safety for both our volunteers and for you, our Special Friends

The Thrift Shop aspires to be a place of feeding; reaching out to the community, offering a friendly smile and willing ear, providing the community with needed, well-priced goods, and making a commitment to the land we all share by promoting reuse, re-purposing and reclamation so that we can keep much of what is donated out of landfills.

With all of the measures that we have taken due to the rising Covid infection rates, we have found it increasingly difficult to continue our operation at this time and meet our mission. Thus, we have decided to temporarily close our doors. Consequently, our last sales day in 2020 will be Wednesday November 25th.

We give thanks for all that God has provided us in this 42 year-ministry and it is our intention to reopen our doors following this Covid crisis. During our closure, we will take time to review the needs of the shop and the community and we look forward to reopening with a renewed mission.

Please take care, stay healthy and we will see each other soon. With good thoughts for a bright future. Volunteer Thrift Shop Management Team



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    The Shop is Temporarily Closed

   DONATIONS ARE NOT being accepted. 

Please DONOT leave items at the trailer or front door. 

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Our Thrift Shop Management team

We are blessed with an awesome volunteer team! 
We look forward to meeting you when you visit our shop.


Thrift Shop Manager


Volunteer Mgmt. Team


Volunteer Mgmt. Team


Volunteer Volunteer Mgmt. Team


Volunteer Volunteer Mgmt. Team