Who is Saint Margaret's Thrift Shop?

        Since our early beginnings, the Thrift Shop has provided service and ministered to the less fortunate, by offering low cost goods to the larger community. In being a good steward to our planet, we have provided a place to recycle, promote reuse of goods and reduce the waste that burdens our landfills.

        Our Shop is an inviting place that members of the community feel welcome. The Thrift Shop is One of the Many "Faces of Saint Margaret's" and often one of the first contacts for the surrounding community, expressing our welcoming nature. The Shop is our opportunity to offer a listening ear, perhaps a cup of coffee or words of encouragement and a friendly smile.

         The Thrift Shop is one of the sources of income for our Faith In Action ministry at Saint Margaret's benefitting both local and global Ministries.    Our Shop also partners with other local charitable organizations.

            The Thrift Shop has always maintained a process to help those in need. Annually the Thrift Shop has provided direct support to more than 100 souls who cross our doorstep. 

             In promoting reuse and repurposing of goods, the Thrift Shop is improving the impact on the planet’s resources. The store contributes to sustainability by offering quality used products. Every garment and/or item purchased second-hand means one less new one is produced - less emissions from production, distribution and one less that makes it way to the landfill. This results in less use of energy, toxic gases, chemicals, etc.
             Additionally, the store reuses paper bags, boxes, plastic bags, and containers – little goes to a landfill. 

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